How to improve my reading speed and comprehension?

In 2012 I picked a book in Polish about speed reading. The author outlined a program there for a massive improvement in the speed of reading within three months, but you were supposed to practice one to two hours per day, every day.

Two hours per day! That’s a lot of commitment. I didn’t have time for it. But I was at a stage of developing my Ten-Minute Philosophy and decided to give it a try, but only for 10 minutes a day.

I took that program and modified it by extending each week into a full twelve weeks.


The last time I checked my reading speed before starting the program, I read at about 240 words per minute. Since that time, my skills had no chance to improve, as I was reading less rather than more and neglected any training in that area.

I checked my results after a month from starting my 10-minute practices, and I was blown away! It was 360 words per minute, 50% progress! Later on, it appeared this result was a coincidence, but still, after six weeks of practice, I read about 340 words per minute, and the progress was impressive.

Improve your speed right now

One trick that will instantaneously improve your reading speed is using the pointer. Use a pen or simply your finger to guide your eyesight.

This boosted my speed by 17% on a very hard text printed in a very fine print.

More details here:

My experience

I wrote down my experience and the speed-reading methods broken down into 10-minute chunks and published it as a short eBook.

I recommend checking it out on Kindle:

Learn to Read with Great Speed

Read the first 10% sample for free and decide if it is a good fit for you.