The Best Life Advice from My Experience

End of October 2013. In the middle of April I started writing. Six and a half months of hustling. Three and a half (one public domain work) books published. 159 days have passed since publishing my first book.

I sold 145 copies of my books. 85% of them were copies of my first work about creating a personal mission statement.

I’ve received one single money transfer so far — eleven euros, less than a single hour of overtime from my employer.

What would you call it? A failure? I tended to use the word ‘disaster’ in my mind.

Keep Going

You need a personal philosophy which will keep you going. Disaster or not, giving up was out of the question.

I earned something else, something more valuable than money. I gained experience.

I learned a lot.

The Results Will Appear

Just in the first half of 2014 I earned about $300 from those first three and a half books I published before the end of October 2013. I sold over 1,250 copies of them in that period.

I signed the contract with my publisher in July 2013; they refurbished and re-published them. Within just a couple of weeks of September 2014 I sold via my publisher more than 800 copies of those books and earned about $280.

They were the same books. It was the same content I created struggling in 2013 at the beginning of my career.

Your past does not equal your future. You are good enough. The world may not recognize it yet, but it will.

My Advice:

Never ever give up on what’s important for you!