The Best Thing Someone Ever Wrote for Me

At the end of August 2015 I created a survey for my readers. This answer made me burst into tears:

I have an only son, 9. He has mild autism but he’s doing great thru his therapies. I already was taking great care of him in my time with him (I’m divorced). But after applying the Art of CONSISTENCY in the last weeks I did change so many things and did focus in a such better way that last week, prior to sleep, I did cry in happiness for half and hour after he told me: “Dad you already were a good dad, but now you are MY PERFECT DAD.” And I owe that to you. THANKS from the bottom of my heart.

Writing is so awesomely rewarding. I cannot express my gratitude enough for testimonials like that.

I tracked down this reader, to make things even more amazing, he lives in Venezuela under a communist regime.

I’m so glad my book made his life a bit better.

People, write! You can change other people’s lives!