The First Things I Do in the Morning

And it’s not turning off the alarm clock.

I open my eyes and start repeating my personal mission statement in my mind.

I do a quick intensive workout and pray simultaneously.

I drink a glass of water.

I look at my vision board for a few minutes.

I read about dozen quotes from my philosophy manifesto.

I read fragments from a couple of books which shaped my philosophy (about a paragraph each).

I journal for about 10–15 minutes.

I brush my teeth and pray at the same time.

I do 5- to 15-minute cardio workout listening to podcasts or other audio materials.

My routine extends to the commute to work too: more prayers and meditation while waiting for the train.

On the way to work, I write or make up for the lack of sleep by catching a nap.

Commuting between the train station and the office: I practice speed reading, read a book written by a saint for ten minutes and finish repeating my personal mission statement.

Ideally, I reach the office having the biggest daily task — writing 1000 words — done, and having done most of my bigger daily habits.