The Most Powerful Life Hack

Undervalued, but Quick and Effective

I think, everybody should know this life hack of mine, because it’s probably (do I sound like a TV commercial?) the most powerful hack in the world.

Imagine you want to significantly raise a single measurable output in your life.

By “significantly” I don’t mean to double or 10x the output. It’s the real life, not a Hollywood movie.

But it’s like with a salary raise. Most employees won’t even notice 2–3% salary raise and such a raise won’t be reflected in their performance. But starting from 5% and up they will feel the difference and they will put more effort into their work (at least temporarily).

So, going back to our mental exercise. Imagine you want to raise your salary by 15% or increase the maximum number of pushups by 25% or you want to take all your grades from B where you have been stuck for years to straight A or you want to be able to read 18% faster.

It can apply to anything: sales, health, relationships, performance at work or command of new language or spirituality. Seriously. Feel like a kid in the candy shop: you can pick anything.

It Gets Even Better

Imagine now, that you need only one minute a day to achieve your significant improvement.

Just. One. Minute!

You don’t have to promise your firstborn in exchange. You don’t have to sign a pact with the devil with your own blood. You don’t need to chant affirmations aloud while dancing naked in your living room.

All you need is pen and paper, ability to write and one minute of your time.

If there is a hook, it’s this one: you’d better do this life hack every day.

No magical forces will curse you if you won’t; simply, you will get results faster and with less effort (Less than one minute of doing what anyone can do? Seriously?!?!) if you are consistent with it.

And Better!!!

Have I said “a single measurable output”? It works with a single output, true. But you can achieve infinite number of improvements AT ONCE.

You can get a salary raise, make new friends, pray longer and deeper, improve your running time, get a promotion, help your kids with their homework and learn new skills faster SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Have I said a “measurable” output? You can pick unmeasurable as well.

Maybe you want to be happier, feel more loved, raise satisfaction levels from doing your work, be closer to God or bring peace to the world.

There are no proofs (we cannot precisely measure those things yet), but this life hack works for such intangible outputs as well. Again, achieving many of them at a time is completely realistic.

Here Comes the Hack

One minute, remember? No magic. 100% effectiveness. And the hack is…


Keep a Gratitude Journal

If you’ve heard that one before and doubt all the superlatives I instanced above, read carefully the two sentences below. If necessary, read them a few times to let the message sink.

Gratitude rewires human brain into positivity.
When the brain is positive, every possible outcome we know how to test for raises dramatically.

Shawn Achor had studied happiness for over a decade at university level. I got those two sentences from him.

It’s unbelievable how fast gratitude can rewire brain to positivity.

Scientist made an old guy (70 or 80 years old) with a pessimist’s gene to write three new things he was grateful for every morning. He became an optimist after one month of this practice.

It’s mind-blowing how positivity increases everything.

Achor didn’t carelessly throw the expression “every possible outcome.” Scientists performed experiments measuring impact of the positive brain on performance in sport, at work, in school. They estimated its influence on health, relationships, education and finances. Whatever they have measured got “dramatically” better with a positive brain.

Oh, I know of another study, which was focused on discovering the secret of longevity. Researchers studied hundreds of people from all over the world trying to reveal factors that affects human life span. They measured all kinds of things trying to find the correlation: access to medical facilities, education, diet, physical activities and whatnot.

Guess what was the #1 factor, which won over everything else by a longshot?

“Having a positive outlook in life.”

A Challenge

Every single human being on this planet should keep a gratitude journal. Can you imagine the synergic effect of increasing by 20–30% EVERYTHING that EVERYONE does, think and feel?

My challenge for you is to keep a gratitude journal for 30 days. Every morning write down three new things you are grateful for.

You will not get instant increase of everything, but after 30 days, even if you are an old grumpy person, you can assume your brain became positive.

This is the beginning of improving everything in your life.


I had been tracking my results in many different areas of life for over 4 years. Accidentally, my tracking almost perfectly covered the period of my life when I started and kept my gratitude journaling. I had heard about the power of gratitude only after 3 years of writing my journals.

I solemnly attest that this life hack works.

The list of the improvements in my life is long enough for a book. My income doubled. My health improved drastically indeed; I was sick only twice since July 2013. I have more friends.

I beat over 170 personal fitness records. I read 100% faster. I pray much longer every day. My saving ratio increased 4–5 times.

There is also a zillion of unmeasurable results: I’m more self-disciplined, famous, self-confident, tranquil, self-aware and the effects spilled all over my life.

Just a handful of one-time results that happened in the last four years in my life:

I wrote my first blog post, first Quora answer and first article in online magazine.I bought a first home for my family.I met with an author from Tanzania and visited an author in Czech Republic.I was interviewed on about a dozen podcasts.I passed a few professional exams and obtained three professional certificates.

I started a new career (writing) and published 15 books.

I learned how to start and maintain a WordPress blog, email and online marketing.

I became a personal coach and obtained a certificate of a digital coach.

I changed my day job (about 35% salary raise).

Your Life, Your Hack

Write down three things you are grateful for immediately.

Do it tomorrow and the next day and for the rest of your life. Your life will get hacked.

You will achieve bigger and more rapid result in the areas you will invest your attention (like writing in my case), but the “side effects” will appear in every area of your life.

Don’t neglect this activity. It’s just one minute a day. It can totally revolutionize your life.