What are the best ways to lose weight?

Losing weight is not such an issue. The much bigger issue is to maintain your weight once you shed off some pounds.

That’s why the best method to lose weight is by changing your lifestyle.

As the word suggest it means the change for life.

Frankly, if you cannot rebuild your lifestyle to be in accordance with your more lean persona, you shouldn’t ever bother with weight loss. Losing pounds, gaining pounds, losing pounds, gaining pounds… this swing diminishes many people’s self-esteem and undermine their faith that they can change their life.

So, the best way to rapidly loss weight is to stop eating. I once fasted for 96 hours, ate a bowl of chicken soup and fasted for another 24 hours. I lost about 7–8 pounds that week (it was right after Christmas, so it was a very welcome side effect of fasting).

Fasting is not fatal as you can see. Human constitution is prepared for extended periods of hunger, even better than for periods of indulgence.


It takes practice. Before I fasted for 120 hours I had been practicing fasting for about a year. I fasted multiple times for 24, 36, 48 hours and more. There is also the famous yo-yo effect. After an extended fast you are more likely to stuff yourself full, which is both physiological and psychological. You must watch your every move and every impulse for those greasy, salty, sweet stuff you want to devour. Definitely, it’s not an easy way.

Another restriction of course is time limit. You cannot fast forever. You have to eat from time to time.

Intermittent fasting

So, if you can incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle, go for it. I fast for 36 hours once a week. It’s a great spiritual, willpower, mental toughness, self-discipline and weight loss experience at the same time. But if you can’t, what’s the sense? The period of hunger will undermine your willpower and in best case scenario you will finish at the same weight and with some interesting experience.


Another method for a quick weight loss are intensive exercises. But if you want quick results, you have to work out like crazy and don’t add any calories to your daily intake. By “like crazy” I mean long hours.

My buddy lost over 40 pounds in 3 months, but he dedicated at least 2 hours a day to physical activities

The only hack I have when it comes to exercise is very intensive workout first thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be long, 4–10 minutes are fine, but it has to be hellishly intensive, like “I wish I’ve died.” Intensive exercise release fat burning hormones which work for a few to several hours afterwards. That is what some eggheads say and it’s compatible with

My experience

When I started my first full time job, my weight increased rapidly. I worked in IT and led a sedentary lifestyle. My only regular exercises were walks with my small sons. I weighed about 80 kilograms at one time!

Then I started doing a series of pushups every morning. I always aimed for maximum repetitions. Try it and you will see how intensive is that. My weight dropped a few kilograms. I quit my habit of doing pushups for a year or two, then went back to it when I again gained some weight. This discipline kept my weight gain at check.

I didn’t change my diet at all. I ate a lot of sweets. I was steadily gaining fat, but the tempo of it was much slower than at my first job. Without morning pushups I gained more than 10 kilograms in one year. With my morning workout I had been gaining only 1–3 kilograms a year.

One series of pushups couldn’t make me slim, but it slowed down the grow of my belly.

A place for RAPID weight loss is only at the beginning, because rapid is not sustainable.

Starve yourself for the first month and lose 20 pounds, but then look for a habits you can adopt for life to control your weight. Change your diet for good. If you can limit yourself, to only a few favourite snack or one serving of them per week, that’s fine. If you can’t stop to indulge after first portion, you should rather aim for total abstinence.

Change your dietary habits

I encourage you to try intermittent fasting on the small scale–only 14 hours a day. Eat your last meal for example at 6 pm and a breakfast at 8 am. Give your stomach time to digest everything you consumed.

Experiment with portion size and times of your meals. Before my weight loss I ate 3 hefty meals a day and usually I topped that with some sweets between them. Nowadays I eat several small meals a day and about every other day (usually after fasting day) a huge lunch.

Gradually eliminate the most junky and addictive type of foods from your menu (soda drinks, pizzas and hamburgers, sweets, salty snacks). Replace them with something nourishing and filling, like vegetables and fruits.

Change your physical activities patterns

Incorporate regular exercises or other type of physical activities (playing sport, playing with kids etc.) into your days. Made them part of who you are.

Your turn

If you can straight out your diet, your weight loss will be secured. It’s 80% of success. Exercises and supplements can help, but not much.

Those are just the ideas. You need to design, experiment and stick with your own routine. Doing that keep in mind that it’s going to be for life.

Don’t chase shiny objects, but build habits you can sustain for ever.