What is the best “personal value statement” that you have read?


Do you know the biggest problem with such statements? They sound so compelling in writing, but if they are not followed through, they are hollow. There is nothing worse than lofty words on lips and meager deeds in reality.

That’s why the best such a statement I have read is my personal mission statement.

It doesn’t sound hollow.

I created it. It took me about a month of diligent work to discover what’s hidden in my heart and who I want to become in life.

Those are my words that describe myself. Preferably how I’m right now, if not, then who I’m becoming right now.

It’s not some empty corporate congratulatory scroll. Those words have direct influence on my deeds here and now. They describe my values and aspiration.

I read and repeat them every day. They will not be forgotten, like a beautiful poem read years ago that moved my heart, so I shed some tears… and nothing else came out of that.

They ignite me to action.

They shame me if I do something opposite to their meaning. Thus, they correct me, often in the middle of my wrongdoing.

They correct me in my small daily events, because I designed my personal mission statement that way.

They are my whisper of conscience when I neglect my marriage, my kids or my duty.

They force me to take the high road when I want to take the path of the least resistance.

Those are not just sounds, not empty declarations. They are like magic spells casted on my life. They are loaded with meaning.

And this is how your personal mission statement should ring in your ears.

The ruthless truth about who you are and where you are going to. No sugarcoating. No castles in the sky.

Concrete guidance in your everyday errands that makes you a better person.

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