Fed up with chasing clients for payment?

It’s hard enough running a successful business, and on top of that many small business owners have to chase clients to get paid for their hard work. Late payments can be crippling for small or new businesses and could lead to potential cash flow issues. According to a Late Payments Study, small business owners are spending an average of 12 days a year chasing unpaid invoices (Huffington Post Australia). So what can be done to prevent having to chase deadbeat clients? Asking for payment upfront will mitigate this issue, as well as having a clear payment rate and communicate the payment terms and conditions with clients. Accepting credit cards is a proven method to speed up the payment time as well as to boost revenues for small businesses. A technological solution such as Staxon’s video platform will guarantee payment, as clients are asked to register their payment details before the session begins. The pre-set rate will automatically be charged as the video consultation takes place. Small business owners offering live video consultations can add Staxon’s “Video Call Me” button to their website to help expand their client base, and never have to follow up on late payments again.

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