Becoming a digital language tutor is a great way of turning your love of languages into a lucrative and rewarding career. Read on to find out the crucial steps for launching your business.

1. Refine Your Expertise

Before going any further, make sure you are equipped enough at your chosen language to teach it to non-native speakers. You might be fluent in English, but can you teach it? Refreshing your own skills with some free courses by platforms such as FutureLearn or Udemy will help you to develop knowledge of the logistics of language, while an accredited English teacher training or TEFL course, even a short one, will give added credibility to your standing as a language tutor. The legal requirements for teaching English vary from country to country, and will have greater resonance if you are working for an institution rather than on an individual client-to-client basis. Research your chosen area carefully before taking the plunge!

2. Set Up Your Online Profile

As a digital tutor, you’ll want to ensure you have an active online presence in the form of (at the very least) a website advertising your professional services, and social media posts with the same end goal. Branding yourself in this way will help customers to find you and connect you with people actively seeking your expertise. Communicate on active forums and webpages for the digital language-learning community to further enhance your profile. Customers want to feel they are getting a personal service when they hire one to one tuition and your online persona can make or break how you are perceived.

3. Market Your Skills

Marketing is a huge part of what will help you land your first clients. There are a number of different methods for actively advertising yourself as a digital language tutor. These include paid advertising methods such as Pay Per Click, or more organic methods built from sustained messaging and network building such as creating content, cultivating backlinks and building your social following. It is advisable to use a multi-layered approach in the early stages of your business, to ensure you can truly hit the ground running!

4. Connect with Clients on Staxon

Connecting with clients is made incredibly simple with the latest in client-facing video technology from Staxon. This clever and secure platform lets you video or phone call with customers anywhere in the world, and processes payments quickly and safely to give peace of mind. By calculating the exact duration of a call, Staxon’s smart tech will never over or under-charge, and allows you to add a handy “Video Call Me” button to your website or social media pages to help generate sales.