The expansion of online therapy

Within the expanding field of telehealth, telemental healthcare allows patients to communicate with therapists via video chat, text message, email or app. Talkspace, BetterHelp, and Coachfox are well-known examples of online therapy platforms. Some traditional therapists are also beginning to offer video sessions for flexibility and keeping in touch with clients in different locations.

There are many benefits to online therapy. For some people it is easier to open up to a therapist in the comfort of their own home, and a sense of anonymity helps to overcome barriers when sharing personal matters. Online therapy is generally more affordable than traditional therapy, which gives many more people access to care. The convenience factor is also an advantage as it takes away the hassle of commuting to and from the office and allows patients to squeeze in a therapy session during lunch breaks.

Since many tasks in our lives, from banking to grocery shopping, have moved online it is only a matter of time until online therapy becomes a norm as well.

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