8 Inventions , Discoveries By India, We Should Be Proud Of

1. Field : Mathematics

Inventions of Zero , Decimal Number System

Arryabhatta the inventor of zero

2. Field : Science

Concept of atom (Anu and paramanu)

3. Field : Games and Sports

Chess , Kabaddi , Snooker and many others…

4. Field : Jewellery

We found diamond and have been using it for 3000–6000 years and until a century ago was the sole source of diamonds.

Kohinoor in British Crown Is taken from India

5. Field : Fitness

Yoga international day is also announced by UN(Hope YOU get the its significance )

6. Field : Philosophy

Gandhian philosophy of non-violence(Ahimsa) that inspired leaders such as Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr .

7.Field : Medicine

Plastic Surgery , Anaesthesia( Sushruta Samhita)

8. Field : Religions

Hinduism And Buddism(3rd and 4th biggest religions in World)

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