Supporting the system that oppresses us

I recently shared a quote from a writer named Audra Lorde with friend and I wanted to share her response below: “When I dare to be powerful and to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether or not I am afraid” -Audre Lorde

Thanks for that quote, Dwayne. It conveys my beliefs exactly and pretty much sums my attitude in my struggle against injustice and mind control. If our minds and self-esteem are beaten down to the point where the dominant class is comfortable, we may accept imprisonment for all of us — with very scarce water supply. My grandfather left me any my family a beautiful farm. I don’t need them. That’s why I’ve always been like what Ms. Lorde is describing. But if I had nothing but a pen, paper and my mouth I would still fight abusive power with my last breath.
… Do you notice that the media keeps the “black-white” discussion going 24/7, but mostly stories about “black people”, “blacks”, “black men”, “black women”, “the black child”, “black-on-black” crime … and when I use the terms “white folk”, “so-called white folk”, “Europeans”, “European Americans”, and Pinks, then so-called black people jump all over me to say that I am being insulting to them. That’s highly protected privilege. The so-called white folk are the only ones who can make the rules and the only ones who can play the game. And we help them keep these rules in place. What is unacceptable with the word “white” that is not unacceptable with the word “black”?
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