Every time you publish a post on LinkedIn, your connections will see an alert in their notifications.
11 Ways to Hack the LinkedIn Pulse Algorithm
Larry Kim

Larry Kim thank you for your article, I love it and there are some fabulous suggestions there. Had you noticed that notifications of new articles have been switched off at the moment. I’ve seen it reducing significantly over the past few months and now it has stopped altogether. This coincides with folks having very few views, likes, comments and shares as a result. I notice your article of April 10th has just 37 likes and you have 27,372 followers! And there are no comments either. Surely this can’t be right, my engagement with my articles is grinding to a complete halt. In addition LinkedIn on mobile has rolled out the ability to switch off certain notifications, the switching off of article posts must have more or less coincided with this, they have been messing around with notifications and maybe inadvertently switched the global switch off for articles! 🙄

Let’s hope it comes back soon, in the meantime I will for sure try out some of your hacks to get more activity there, it won’t hurt.

Success with LinkedIn Pulse!