No Odor, Stain Proof, Wrinkle Resistant, Breathable, Machine Washable and Biodegradable

Stay Maat
Stay Maat
Feb 12 · 3 min read

Stay MAAT Co., one of the innovative studios in Hong Kong, proudly announces the next innovation in fashion, stain-proof and odor-free THE BEST DAILY WHITE SHIRT. Our crowdfunding campaign is on Kickstarter from 17th Mar to 16th May.

As an everyday shirt wearer, designer of THE BEST DAILY WHITE SHIRT has created a dream shirt for all users with its odor-free, waterproof, stain-proof and wrinkle resistant qualities. What’s more, it is an environmental friendly product as all materials are biodegradable.

Have you ever spilled sauces on your shirt during lunch and dinner and got stain that you could not get rid of? Have you ever got wet in a raining day with your shirt was not dried for hours in office? Have you ever felt annoyed by the smelly shirt in a hot summer day and restrained yourself interacting with colleagues? THE BEST DAILY WHITE SHIRT aims at solving all these troubles with ONE product.

We pride our product in its stain proof, waterproof and odor-free properties. Made of hydrophobic nano coating cotton silver fiber, our shirt repels water and oil.

Our shirt is made of hydrophobic nano coating cotton silver fiber, which means it can repel water and oil. Any coffee or wine drops on the shirt will slip the surface or eventually dry away without a trace. Better still, food spilled on shirt can be easily removed with a simple wipe with tissue with no oil stain left.

The key to the effectiveness of the THE BEST DAILY WHITE SHIRT is its unique composition.

The fabric is infused with a magical metal — silver. It kills 99% of bacteria and guarantees the shirt odor-free.

You can have close contact with your friends, family and colleagues without any hesitation.

THE BEST DAILY WHITE SHIRT is offered for men with its stylish and minimal style from size XS to XXL. It will be available soon. This unique product offered by Stay MAAT Co. is worth HK$799 (~US$101) or more and during their Kickstarter campaign the shirt can be pre-ordered starting at HK$349 (~US$45).

For more information visit Kickstarter or

Also you can watch us on Youtube and follow us on Instagram

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