Having been extensively exposed to the startup ecosystem, I decided to categorise entrepreneurs. No, not startups.

There are three types of entrepreneurs.

  • True blood entrepreneurs.
  • Solution entrepreneurs.
  • Businessmen entrepreneurs.

Those who do what they enjoy, something unique and that doesn't exist around them. People might eventually find it interesting and useful.

True blood entrepreneurs are not driven by anything except the blind passion and love of doing something. They do it because they like doing it. As simple as that.

Their products/services and its features aren't driven by market trends, customer demands, uplifting lives, impact on market people, usefulness of the product, competitors offerings, societal wishes, etc. They don't worry whether people will like and find…

Many of us would have heard about this inspiring quote from Gandhi ji. This quote is deeply correlated to the AIDA marketing funnel that marketers are familiar with.

Let’s say we are bringing a new innovation in marketing. It can either be about a new product or service or promoting a completely new brand or about using an totally different approach to marketing an existing offering.

How do you spend vacations? Or semester breaks during student life? Doing an internship at a hot startup or a big corporate, going home, spending time with family, going abroad, to that popular sight seeing spot, taking selfies, being incessantly on the phone checking mails, messages, likes, comments, shares, etc, catching up on personal stuff like reading that favorite novel or the latest news update you missed out on, playing videos games on play station, keeping in touch with friends, colleagues? I spent a vacation with none of these.

I spent a 45 day semester vacation years back during my engineering at a very remote place, a very natural place. Didn't go home like usual. Just told parents that I am going to the place in this address. None of my friends or classmates know my whereabouts. Everyone thought I went home. The one friend I did inform just a day before I left, stared at me as if I was mad and something was wrong.

I went off to an Ashram to do "seva". Free food and accommodation. The place was filled with people who had never seen…

Are we truly Independent? Did Indians really gain independence in 1947? NO.

Almost every religion has a culture of its own. Culture guides us on how to live life.

In Sanatana Dharma, a culture was a series of systems. Right from Gurukulam system of education, to vedic legal system, vedic mathematical system, vedic astrological system, Yogic system of health, the ayurvedic system of medicine, the Vaastu system of construction, the temples of worship, the Bharatanatya system of dance, carnatic or Hindustani systems of music, the Vimana system of transportation, the joint family system of living, Varna system of occupation and societal structure, Agama system of building temples, arranged marriage system, Kamasutra system…

The day I faced a miracle. My experience sitting hunched on a rock while it rotated all by itself.

This story dates back to the time when I was living somewhere in the western part of Bengaluru whiling away my leisure time visiting temples and parks. I used to stay with my friend’s family.

One day, my friend came up to me and said “Hey listen! I want to take you to a very special and unique temple if you are free tomorrow.”

I agreed. It seems his mother had heard about the temple from a neighbour of hers and had recommended it to her son.

The next day we started. The temple was located at a walkable distance…

The objective here is to help people in similar situations. Help those contemplating suicide realise that there is a life ahead. Motivate those ignoring warning signs to reach out and arrange support. Who knows we might find out who our true friends are in the process.

3 years back. 10 July 2017.

Past midnight, at 1 AM, I was scrolling my Facebook feed when I came across a FB Live Audio.

It was a friend. A brainy, enthusiastic teenager whom I knew from the past one year then.

At that time, we were both volunteering for the same non profit. A leading non profit in the Indian startup space.

He had discontinued engineering from a leading college. A dream institution for many. Against his parents' wishes. He hated it. He had no wish to continue academics. He didn't see himself as an engineer. His interests lay in Marketing. He joined a startup…

While the below points are more about the deep breathing practice in Yoga called Pranayama, most of the below points can apply to Yoga as well.

I have practiced Yoga and Pranayama for many years. Reduced 36 kgs in 18 months solely through yoga, Pranayama, and meditation, without going to a gym. Sometimes sitting for days together (except sleeping, bathroom time) in Yoagasanas.

The below points are from my personal experience.

  • In Pranayama, we would have observed our hands being in a certain manner. Sometimes forefinger and thumb together (Chin Mudra), some other times, all fingers closed and thumb outstretched, or all fingers wrapped around the thumb (Adi Mudra or Tse Mudra), etc. These are called ‘Mudras’. When our hands are in a particular Mudra, it…

Volunteering and Donations are an exploitation of our foolish herd mentality.

If you see my social media posts over the past few weeks, I have never posted about volunteering for or donating to any organization or government for Coronavirus cause.

I have volunteered for over 12 years both offline and online across various organizations including Youth For Seva, RSS, RSVK, Headstart Network, Dream School Foundation, Green Peace, Avaaz.Org among others for a range of causes like environment, education, healthcare, entrepreneurship growth, etc. I have stayed for weeks at Ashrams to do ‘seva’. During my volunteering stints, I have held a range of positions including national roles of strategic nature. …

What I am going to share today will be more relevant to the B2B businesses. This was I think one of most challenging marketing situations I was involved with. How we achieved a multi-million dollar target with near-zero cost.

This was for a IT company that was into Web and mobile app development. They were helping startups around the globe build and maintain their tech products. Also, they created e-commerce websites and apps.

Although this was a 8 Year old company, they had much of the same marketing challenges that startups typically face.

  • Lack of funds. We couldn’t advertise heavily, we couldn’t even recruit our own developers and designers. Had to make do with other part time resources.
  • Lack of manpower. We had to make do with low cost but high quality resources.
  • Lack of processes. There was no…

Coronavirus is globally impacting everyone. Almost every single sector and every single country is facing the heat. In these trying times, marketing function and marketers are no exception. Let's take a look at the behavior of 'Coronasura' with marketers.

Marketing primarily has three objectives.

  • Demand generation/lead generation
  • Branding - Establishment and enhancement of a brand
  • Aiding attraction and retention of great talent

Let's analyse how Coronavirus will impact marketing through these objectives.

Marketing is typically a cost centre unlike sales which is considered a revenue centre. Especially the inorganic, advertisement part of marketing. We see multiple sectors tumbling down due to low demand. Businesses belonging to these sectors are looking at any and every way to cut costs. Some of these measures will involve laying off employees, cutting marketing budgets, among others. …

Venkatrangan Gokul

Sr. Marketer, Trainer, Speaker, Mentor. Interests: spirituality, environment, entrepreneurship, digital. Quora: goo.gl/A4vDd7 || bit.ly/linkedinvenkat

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