Stay With It

What is Stay With It?

Stay With It is a company I founded my Freshman year of college, I am currently going into my Junior year. I have dedicated the past two years of my life to this company not just because I love athletics and fitness and am on a college sports team, but because I love the process.

I started this business for an easy way for athletes to stay in contact with their coaches but soon after my Freshman year was over, it became so much more than that. I wanted this business to become a reality. June 13th, 2017 is the day my dream came true. The app was published on the app store.

The app right now is for iPhone use only but I soon hope to hire a developer for android as well. When logging into the app you have two options, to log in as a coach or as an athlete. As a coach you will be able to see all your athletes, click on them to view progress, create a calendar for your athletes to follow, crate plans and workouts for your athletes to complete, and see when and where they last worked out. As an athlete you are required to scan a QR code that tells your coach where you are and when you are working out so it forces you to not skip workouts or your coach will know. Also you can complete workouts set by your coach and you can track your progress from those workouts. The whole point of Stay With It is to make sure athletes are working out and progressing because after all, your team is only as good as your weakest link. Be a team and Stay With It.

I see this company taking over every team for fitness tracking in the future. There is so much more that this company holds in the future and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for the world.

Love the journey, enjoy the journey. Stay With It Instagram
The Stay With It Blogs:

We will be posting weekly tips and advise and real world lessons for athletes, coaches, and those aspiring to play sports at a competitive level and what you need to do to participate at that level, including your mental and physical condition as well as what it takes to be an athlete.

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Our First Blog, Stay With It:

The name Stay With It is the name for our company but it so much more than that. Every time someone says “Stay With It”, those three words signify more than what the company is. They signify what the company is about. What happens when you feel like giving up? Just stay with it and witness what you can achieve. Just stay with it! Whatever you are doing in life just stay with it and never give up! By doing this you will witness your success. You will see what you can give the world. You will be living in your greatness. All if you just Stay With It.

Your first assignment is to just stay with it. Stay with your goals, stay with your dreams, and stay with us. We will point you in the right direction and we will guide you along the way. Follow us and Stay With It!

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