Modern News

Ah, the news. Your number one source for happenings throughout the United States and the world in general, all of it accurate and having a greater impact upon the way we, as a collective society, form opinions and look at certain topics… Or, rather, it was. This description is still applicable to the latter — worldwide news — but is far less when discussing the former.

News has become a primary source of entertainment, rather than a source of information regarding current events! Just hear me out, hear my crazy ramblings out for just a minute or two:

Much like action films and video games, the reporting of constant violence — shootings, murders, car and other vehicle accidents, rape, tortures, kidnappings, etc. — has desensitized viewers to the overall horror. This goes for my generation, especially. Back in the 1960's, for example, the most violent thing that was covered by the news was probably the Vietnam War. Otherwise, terrorism and these now routine murder sprees were unthinkable as occurring in our nation. Now, though, you hear about them all the damn time! Daily coverage of police brutality, shootings, terrorism, and we keep coming back to it. Why? I think it pertains to this innate craving for violence and excitement that lurks within us. It’s entertaining — think about it, people used to gather in the town square to watch a public execution. That was kind of news-like.

Moving on, the strange and, at times, unbelievable stories and scandals we hear about. Corruption, political scandals, government secrecy. After a while, it starts to sound like the dramas people watch during the week to make up for their lack of a social life — makes you wonder why I don’t watch them… This also ties in with the issue of fake news, which I’m not going to get into today; they are meant to stage a drama that is palatable to the general masses, all to boost ratings, revenue. The news has become entertainment, a movie, a show, a game!

Yeah, I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist right now, but that is not my aim. My aim is simply to plant this idea in your heads. Just, think about this for a while. Cheers, everybody.

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