All Summer Long

It’s now September, which means there is only a month until Catz students arrive at/return to Oxford for Michaelmas term. One part of Oxford life to keep an eye on this year is the work of OUSU. This newly renamed blog will be keeping you up to date with the work of our students’ union throughout the year, updated once a fortnight in term time by yours truly the OUSU representative.

OUSU Council, the decision making body of OUSU, meets 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th week of every term to discuss both the issues facing Oxford students as well as those whose responsibility it is to make sure something is done about those issues. Recent meetings have seen discussions concerning access, mental health and welfare, abortion rights, the white paper (that is, the fees that you are going to have to be paying later on in your degree), the re-launch of Oxide radio and the ever exciting (but very important) issue of scrutiny. Scrutiny, though it’s not always riveting, occurs to make sure the sabbatical officers we elect and pay do their jobs.

The OUSU Sabbatical Officers for 2016–17, including former Catz JCR President now OUSU President Jack Hampton (far-left).

Speaking of sabbatical officers, it is probably worth mentioning that the current OUSU President was the President of our JCR a couple of years ago. We look forward to Jack doing an excellent job for students at our college and all other colleges, delivering on his vision to tackle Oxford’s mental health crisis.

So what comes next? Throughout the year I will be looking for people to act as the “3rd voice” for the JCR at OUSU council meetings; if an issue arises on the agenda for a given meeting that really matters to you then please get in contact with me via Messenger or college email and if there’s a space you can have a vote (or if there isn’t you can still come and observe). Making sure people vote more generally is also going to be a priority: that means getting everyone registered to vote in elections in Oxford (it’s county council elections this year) as well as promoting OUSU’s own elections when the time comes (you never know who might need a hand to get over the line this time).

I look forward to seeing everyone in a month’s time!

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