Coming Back Soon!

St Cyrano has been producing personalized (spicy) stories for married Christian couples since mid-2009. We are by no means a busy organization and now only fulfill about two or three orders per month for stories with words crafted so husbands and wives can woo and arouse each other.

If you have visited our site in the recent past, you will have noticed that the “look and feel” has not changed since we launched more than a decade ago. Modernizing the layout and migrating the site to a new, secure framework has been our first priority for more than 5 years now.

We want the new framework to provide us with the tools to offer a better ordering process than the one we’ve had in past which involved first placing an order, and then completing a lengthy personalization survey.

Another goal of the website migration would be to allow for a faster turn-around time in fulfilling our customers’ orders.

We have started this website migration/rewrite process a number of times, but the busy-ness of life and priority of time with our wives and family has (sadly) left this task uncompleted …

In an ever increasing world of web security leaks, bots and denial of service attacks, we felt it prudent to rather opt for the loss of revenue for a few months versus potentially having our customers data fall into the wrong hands and have removed the insecure site.

Our aim is to have the new site fully operational by 1st May 2021. Pray for us as we work on this during the coming summer. Who knows, with God’s grace we may well finishing this task earlier? Should we finish earlier, we will inform all our previous customers, and those who signed up on our website to be notified.

Yours in His service to married couples

St Cyrano

Helping Married Lovers with Personalized Spicy Stories