Futuristic Restaurants “Mc Donalds of the Future”

The international fast food chain Mc Donald’s being the first of its own kind introduced Mc Donald’s of the future restaurant at St. Joseph Missouri on August 4 2016, a restaurant for the very first time introducing touchscreens Kiosk at the eatery where people who come to dine in with their friends and family can select/order the food according to their likes and dislikes from menu via a digital interactive screen installed at the restaurant. The food chain is also offering unlimited French fries for its customers for a limited period of time. The customers are experiencing a completely new and different way of dinning than before with touch screen kiosk that enables the customers to create their own customization burgers, interactive dine in table games and most prominent feature of Mc Donald’s of the future is Servers where the employees at the restaurant will serve the food customized by them on the touch screen kiosk on their respective tables/seats.

hence, we can witness that other industries such as transportation, medical, education, the restaurant industry is also going globalized making a strong impact on the global fast food industry and the world economy as well in terms of attracting more customers towards them, engaging them through interactive services and earning greater profits and making lives more entertaining.

Lets enjoy the introduction of touch based technology in restaurants as well!


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