Faroe Island.

Faroe Island, part of kingdom of Denmark is an autonomous archipelago which comprises of rugged landscape, windy and cloudy climatic conditions. The island had a population of 80,000 sheep’s and approx. 50,000 humans. The islanders were exhausted looking for or finding ways to acquire maps for the roads, bridges, causeways of the archipelago that a team developed its own mapping project called the Sheep View 360.

The mapping team with the help of the local shepherd and exclusively built harness had fitted five to six island sheep with the 360 degree camera so that as the sheep’s are on the walk or gazing within the area, the pictures captured by the attached cameras are sent to the local shepherd with GPS Co-ordinates and then pictures are uploaded on Google street view.

Since the installation of cameras over the island sheep’s, the team sheep view 360 had gathered some comprehensive view images of Faroe Island area and its surrounding also in addition the same camera installed on the sheep produced exclusive videos that could help individuals explore that area in a better way.

Sheepview360 in the Faroe Islands: