I am Kukie, I recommend the best startup resources to you… mostly FREE… so that you can build your startups easier and faster.

Basically I help you be lazy and get work done 😛

This is how Kukie, the Messenger chatbot who was born on June7 2016, started the conversation and in this three day conversation Kukie Messenger Chatbot tried its best to answer to my questions whether related to my startup venture or maybe something really stupid such as, me like: kukie can you tell me about yourself and the reply was: If you think I have missed a resource, help me know about it by tipping me 😊.

With some tremendous technological advancements taking place around the world, not only the Western countries pulling off some successful startup giants, but some South Asian countries are also competing in this race. One example is the digital chatbot that recommends resources for startup venture called Kukie initiated by Indian Entrepreneur, dreamer, founder at DIKY AND KUKIE Aditya Alluwalia and Rajesh Bose.

The very first and most impressive experience gained while conversing with kukie chat bot was realizing that in this era of global technological world, startups, from any corner of the world can acquire some very fruitful help, in terms of recommending trillions of resources mostly free, facilities such as idea mapping, informative tools such as how to market your idea, sources of funding, planning your project task, data gathering (consumer insights), sources for developing prototypes and applications and much more..

I think Kukie has been a major contributor in helping the startups go off the ground to launch/start their businesses as it does not only provides some core information but also provides with infinite topic related informative portals giving the startups a variety of platform to address their queries, daily operational problems/issues from the start of the venture till the end of the venture addressing the financial aspects to identify/find appropriate funding sources.

Kukie has been a platform where the users not only get guidance step-by step for their new startup but also experience an interactive medium of discussion where the chat bot engages with the user with some text and resourceful information portals just one question away. Not much time had been passed since kukies birth, almost 2500+ messenger users had chatted with Kukie. This kukie chatbot is flexible and very user friendly, as when it doesn’t have any appropriate answer to give it says:

Sorry I am still learning about that. Let’s try another search or type “Help”to see what I know.

If you think I have missed a resource, help me know about it by tipping me 😊 TIP ME A RESOUCRCE!

The overall experience was exceptionally great, no matter its about my venture or not ill continue conversing with kukie in future.


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