Pick up locker- Shop online and get it delivered to a locker at nearest express centre

I will be using the 24 hour TCS express centres and its online website as an example to explain my idea 
The trouble with online deliveries is that you never know what time the product will be delivered at your home and whether you or anyone else will be available at home to collect it on your behalf. This issue itself inspired a lightbulb moment for me and led me to think of placement of lockers inside the TCS 24 hour express centres.

This is how it works: 
1. Select a locker at your nearest express centre for delivery
2. Get a text message/email with unique code once your product has been delivered
3. Pick up your parcel by showing code to TCS rep (the code is matched to locker number by the rep)
4. Each locker will have a turn-around time of 48 hours, the product will be delivered to your home address in case you do not pick it within the specified time

Obviously the service would come with certain limitations:
-It can be used for only items that could fit inside a locker
-Lockers to be placed at 24 hour express centres only (Otherwise it defeats the point of the service)

However regardless of limitations, this would provide great convenience to customers who are frequent online shoppers.

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