SHAHMEER ANSARI- Young Entrepreneur- The Secret of Success

Shahmeer Ansari

Creative Director – Sastre Culture

Master Trainer – SEED

After completing his education in Malaysia, when he returned to Pakistan, there was a lot that Shahmeer wanted to do – starting something of his own was one thing that was constantly on his mind.

He tried his hand at a number of things; and soon he discovered that he was not afraid of experimenting or failing, and had a natural entrepreneurial flair. Shahmeer has been blessed with the gift of the gab, something which made and makes him very popular amongst both the young and old. Little did he know that this talent would help him carve a career for himself as a leadership and enterprise development trainer. Creating creative analogies and helping his audience see a situation from a completely different perspective is one of his main strengths.

Shahmeer serves as Master Trainer for PEMS Training Programme (PTP) and Incubating Potential Programme (IPP) (SEED initiatives) which are carefully designed programmes to conduct trainings at the grass root level for entrepreneurs at micro level to help them improve and expand. IPP has now been successfully implemented around Pakistan. He has the ability to engage his audience in the microenterprise sector, during his training sessions, and manages to erase the trust deficit that prevails in under-privileged areas. His trainings for grassroot entrepreneurs (GREs) are motivating and full of energy and zest.

He spent three years talking to the youth about how they should pursue their dreams. After three years, he decided to take his own advice and put all his heart into making Sastre a mark of quality and a trusted brand name in men’s clothing.

As Creative Director, he walks the clients through the entire fabric selection and design experience ensuring that the final product from the cut right down to the stitch on the buttonhole is customised according to the client’s choice and preference.

He brings with him a contagious energy and the drive to take on any challenge. He has an Honors’ degree in International Business from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) and an external Dual Degree Programme in Business Management from (LUCT) in affiliation with Anglia Ruskin University, UK.


How did the idea of your business developed?

It was honestly by coincident, I got some clothes stitched for myself when I started my first job after getting to Pakistan from completing my education in malaysia. My colleagues and friends liked the designs so much that they requested me to make some for them as well and from there onwards i found my business partners and we officially launched the business from my basement. After 2 years from operating in the basement, we decided to take it to the next level by launching the flagship studio on khayaban e seher. Hence my partner and i joined it full time, quiting our jobs.

What motivates you?

Eventually i figured out my passion which was to make people look good and feel good about how they look. We always had a creative side to ourselves and this platform helped us in showcasing it.

What are the hurdles you faced and how you overcome them?

Nothing in this world is easy, be it a job or starting a venture. Any and every venture has benefits but the hurdles are always attached. Sameway we had ours, first was the initial capital which was required to start the brand which was eventually solved by looking for investing partners which solved our problem to some extent. Secondly was the existing competition and big names in the market and their loyal customer base, initially it was difficult for us to get customers due to the above mentioned reason but then we set ourselves aside with competitive quality, delivery and customer service which gained trust of many and gradually the word spread through word of mouth from our satisfied customers.

What do you advice to other entrepreneurs?

Never give up – it sounds very cliche and typical but this is the biggest reasons startups fail, because they give up because of hurdles i.e. Capital, operations, daily petty issues, non regular income etc but if you think the business has potential and you believe in yourself that you can make it big then keep on going. Try solving typical issues with creative solutions and keep on going.

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