Journey of an Entrepreneur

Vicky Kumar is currently a last semester student of BS- Accounting and Finance student at IoBM. He enrolled in Program in 2012. Living far from hometown, without family, and studying in an A level school, he always had a passion to become financially self dependent. He knew what his need was, and he knew the necessary actions to fulfill this need.


I were a student at Avicenna School for A-levels. I knew what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to become. I, along with my 3 other friends, came up with an idea to start a Event management business. But the hurdle was money. We did not have any idea about how much to invest, and we had zero experience. Only thing we had was a few contacts of small scale vendors, and decorators. Together, we pooled money, and raised 12000 rupees for the business. We named our business Pacific Park Event Management.

It was hard to start initially, but after a while, we were able to grab our first opportunity. So we started from organizing a small birthday party , and in the matter of 3 years, we were successful. We had several MUN events, including PAFMUN, arranged several conferences at IBA, organized several Mehendi and other wedding events, provided Catering, decoration and Entertainment. It became a successful business. We registered our business as a private company. Although I left the business due to my studies in 2013. But at the time when I left, we had registered our company; we were 7 partners by then, had our own vehicle in name of company (Bolan), office, warehouse, and business assets. When I left the business, I had Rs. 90000 in my hand, and a life changing experience.

Q: What was the lesson you learned?

One and only thing. Be resilient, never ever give in. Be true to yourself, only resource needed is sheer will and determination.