In Pakistan, usually there is something missing like trust in between the customer and the vendor when we talk about Cellphone Repairing and this is because of many reasons, some say that they have no time to go marketplace and choose the desired product or services and some argues that they don’t like the kind of services that satisfy them or give value to their money, for the same reason i come up with an idea of Online Mobile Repairing App (E-Repairing) which give value to the money a person want to spend on their electronic communication activities.

Basic Idea:

The basic idea is to cater the untapped market through innovation and for that we bring an idea to repair mobile at door steps or to give doorsteps services to the customers and to ensure the quality of service. customer can either use the app or can call us at our helpline and from there we can log the complain of the customer then after that we will assign the complain to the respective vendor and then it is the vendor’s responsibility to close the lodged call on the positive node.

we will survey the area where there are mobile repairing shops and ask them if they are interested in our idea and if they want to be the part of our team,if yes, then we will confirm all the required details like their experiences and market goodwill as per our policies, once the vendor is on board, we will them assign call according to the respective area vendors.

Key Job to be Done:

The main purpose of this idea is to provide hassle free mobile repairing services so that consumer can make good use of their phones after repairing. Customize services and value added services is the main part of our theme.

Target Market:

Our target market is housewife, children who use cellphones, corporate’s and companies.

Process Flow:

Key Issues:

Once of the main issue is the technology that we are using can be copied easily and the resources which we will use our competitors will also use the same, so in the current era of technological disruption, one should have technological edge or the resource edge but in this case we have nothing so lastly we will try to capture the market mostly in our first move so that we can make a picture in the mind of customer

This idea is also elaborated on the below link


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