Virtual Reality Change the Shopping Experience

As we know that shopping is an activity in which customer look around the available products offered by one or more shops with the intent to purchase a suitable selection of them.

Now a days Shopping activity is divert towards online shopping like Ali baba, etc but still most of the consumers are not using online shopping due to several reasons.

· Limited choice of products & its features.

· Not satisfied with products internally.

· Two dimensional views of items.

I myself think that to overcome the consumers concerns and divert their more focus towards online shopping, “virtual reality” play an important role. We’ve to prepare website i.e. more like virtual games where consumer entered in virtual shopping environment, consumer visualizing and accessing the stores and the individual items in real time scenario without being present at the stores. Some feature of virtual shopping are

· 360 Degree views of products

· Zoom In/out features

· Virtual shopping experience

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