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7 min readJun 22, 2023

🦠 Introduction

Welcome, brave souls, to the twisted realm of $STD. Are you tired of the same old, bland, and lackluster crypto projects that clog your screens? Have you been thirsting for a more virulent PROJECT, one that combines the best of blockchain technology with the blistering power of virality? Well, fear not, for we have concocted a revolutionary tokenomics elixir just for you.

Behold the harrowing fusion of crypto and virality, a symphony of chaos conducted by none other than $STD. With this unholy alliance, the concept of going viral takes on an entirely new meaning; one where the infection results in virality on the blockchain. It’s time to feel the fever, and let the infection run rampant through your digital veins.

But what kind of chaotic endeavor would this be without a twist? We invite you to experience the unique tokenomics system that lures everyone into a web of tantalizing rewards and a tax structure so deliciously cunning, it’s borderline evil. Immerse yourself in a 3% tax, cleverly distributed amongst holders, liquidity provision, and buybacks/marketing to feed the insatiable hunger of the $STD.

🦠 The Crypto Epidemic

The era of the Crypto Epidemic, where contagious tokens and infectious rewards are just a sneeze away. With $STD, this viral sensation will take the blockchain world by storm. Are you ready to watch the world catch the STD while your wallet catches fire?

A. The Idea Behind the Crypto Epidemic

$STD is more than just an acronym for your least favorite high school health class topic; it’s the harbinger of a crypto outbreak that threatens to infect every digital wallet across the globe. Inflict your friends, family, and frenemies with this digital pathogen, and watch as the tokenomics fuel your feverish gains.

B. Reinventing the Viral Marketing Approach

Gone are the days of pointlessly sharing memes, videos, and challenges to achieve internet stardom. Thanks to $STD, truly effective viral marketing is now a rewarding endeavor. Spread the word about the Crypto Epidemic and benefits will come knocking. Propagate $STD and watch as more token holders get infected, sending a shockwave of reflection, liquidity, and buybacks your way.

C. Building a Strong Community Through Constant Updates and Engagement

As the Crypto Epidemic spreads, it requires constant surveillance and containment. Err, did we say containment? We meant communication, of course! Keep the disease-spreading hordes (a.k.a. the incredible $STD community) informed about the latest strains, mutations, and outbreaks. Constant engagement on social media platforms, live AMA sessions, and perhaps even sponsored sneeze contests shall ensure the survival of the fittest.

Tokens will burn like wildfire, fueling scarcity and driving up demand for the one and only $STD token. Lo and behold! As the number of token holders rises, so too does the power of the Crypto Epidemic.

🦠 The Pandemic of Rewards: $STD Tokenomics

Hold onto your hazmat suits and prepare for a viral invasion like never before, as $STD conquers the crypto sphere with our infectious tokenomics and an outbreak of benefits for holders. It’s time to put your immunity to the test and embrace the chaos of $STD.

The Contagious Tax Strategy

At the heart of the $STD epidemic is a pathogenically potent 3% tax that keeps the “virus” alive and thriving. There’s no escaping its clutches, so it’s time to wholeheartedly embrace this unique strain of tokenomics. And no, it’s not covered by your health insurance.

When it comes to tax distribution, the spoils are shared feverishly among the infected. The more tokens you spread, the more you can expect to receive in the form of reflections. In fact, 1% of the 3% tax is returned to the loyal holders in a viral avalanche of value.

The Fluidity of Liquidity

Of course, there would be no infectious spreading without some good old-fashioned liquidity. $STD ensures a heightened viral load, with another 1% from the tax being allocated towards liquidity. The result? A well-lubricated, fast-spreading crypto contagion.

Mutated Marketing: Buybacks and Beyond

The remaining 1% of the 3% tax goes towards buybacks and marketing — important elements in propelling the $STD epidemic to the next level. With your own personal outbreak, watch the numbers swell, fueled by constant mutation and evolution.

Burning with Desire

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the token burning? The $STD tokenomics include a fiery dose of token burning to boost demand and singe the tokens that are no longer needed. Consider it a feverish attempt to heat up the market and sizzle your investment like a scorched-earth marketing strategy.

Infection Guaranteed

Every time the tokens multiply and spread across wallets, the infliction tax mechanism comes into play; you will be inflicted with STD and taxed 3%, with it being allocated the same way as the buy/sell tax. Ask yourself: are you ready for an STD that hails from the depths of the blockchain? You’re about to find out.

Infliction Tax Mechanism: Because Why Wouldn’t You Want to be Taxed for Spreading a Viral Token?

$STD tokens are a lot like your favorite, most annoyingly catchy song — you just can’t help but share it. The epidemic is here to take over the world, one wallet at a time, and to ensure that you face the unavoidable consequence of spreading the infection: the 3% Infliction Tax Mechanism. Who said epidemics were free?

Distribute and Multiply: A Wallet Invasion

Just like your childhood game of tag, you’ll feel a giddy sense of accomplishment as you spread the $STD tokens across wallets. Every time you share the infection, a new wallet falls victim to the epidemic. Just remember, friends, family, and strangers alike; no one is immune, apart from dear old grandma, of course.

So, you’ve passed on the infection and now it’s time to face the music. As you transmit those contagious $STD tokens to another wallet, prepare to be inflicted with a “disappointingly low” 3% tax. Don’t panic; the funds won’t vanish into thin air like some scams we know. These taxes are redistributed as follows: 1% back to the loyal $STD holders (yes, that includes you!), 1% into liquidity, and the remaining 1% for buybacks, burns, and marketing. It’s the tax that keeps on giving. Or taking. Depends on how you look at it.

Tokenomics: When Pandemics and Tokenomics Collide

Now, you may be thinking, what’s in it for you? Apart from the sheer thrill of letting loose chaos in the crypto world. Those transmission taxes, along with the tokens sent to the incinerator, help shrink the total supply, causing demand to soar upwards like an unhealthy fever. As you spread the $STD infection like a twisted digital philanthropist, you’ll inadvertently be guiding its tokenomics down a path of prosperity. The Infliction Tax Mechanism? Just consider it your gift to the community — and yourself.

🦠 Get Infected with $STD

Are your hands itching to delve into this all-consuming vortex of virality?

A. Catching $STD Like There’s No Tomorrow

First things first — how does one catch this delightful digital scourge and invest in $STD? If you’ve been looking for the perfect mix of hazard and reward in the crypto world, your search ends here.

Now that trading is open on the market, you can acquire your $STD and join our society; you’ll be laughing all the way to the blockchain bank. Disclaimer: protective gear not included, not financial advice.

B. Symptoms of Joining the Crypto Epidemic: It’s All Fun and Gains

Welcoming $STD into your life is more than just catching a virus — it’s an initiation into a select society brimming with potential rewards and benefits. As the epidemic spreads, you’ll find yourselves in a whirlwind of reward, basking in the glory of an ever-increasing portfolio value. The more infection you spread, the more you gain, so go on — don’t be shy.

Just make sure to keep grandma in the dark; she might not understand why you’ve joined the ranks of the infectiously rich elite.

C. Chronic Excitement Syndrome: $STD on the Blockchain

As the blitz of thrills infiltrates your life, take a moment to bask in your newfound role as a crypto contagion kingpin, fully immersed in the exhilarating vortex of infectious energy surrounding $STD.

Don’t wait any longer — your petri dish awaits. Catch the $STD, join forces with your fellow crypto pathogens, and together, let’s unleash an epidemic of wealth generation that nobody saw coming. After all, resistance is futile, and this contagion is but an inevitable evolution in our blockchain universe.

🦠 EPIlogue

We are an unstoppable force in web3 space, bound to infect portfolios and trigger outbreaks of unbridled chaos. As the future unfolds with new mutations and expansions, you don’t want to miss the viral whirlwind of this revolutionary project.

Dare to join the $STD community and indulge in the exhilarating fever of crypto infection. Say goodbye to your conventional morals and embrace the dark side of tokenomic thrills. Surrender to the epidemic and witness the redistribution of wealth with every wallet spreading the infection. Resistance is, indeed, futile.

So go ahead, seize the day, catch the $STD today, and help us infect the digital realm in a frenzy of viral anarchy. Because let’s face it, in a world teeming with ordinary and forgettable crypto projects, why not indulge in something a little more… contagious?

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Step into the world of $STD, a web3 project that combines virality and crypto like never before.