My homeless chevalier.

We are all week sometimes. That night was my week night — and I got help from the least expected person on the street.

I drink sometimes. I guess, I am not alone with that. What I bet is the most important is to be around people, who care about you. In case, if you happen to go too far, you will still find yourself stuck in your bed with a painkiller in your stomach and a bucket next to your bed at the end of the night. That special night, I guess my friends failed.

It was around 2–3 o’clock in the morning, every place closed already. I was still tipsy, or maybe a bit worse. Everyone was about to go home. One of my friends helped me to call a taxi — I was in Ireland. To understand folks with Irish accent - especially taxi drivers — isn’t easy, but she was an expert already. She had to go. Everyone had to go. The taxi didn’t come. Didn’t come in 20 minutes and didn’t come in 30. I called again; it would be interesting to figure out, who understood less the driver or me? Anyway, I decided to wait. My place to stay was on the countryside, hours to walk, it was winter.

After a while, I had no idea what to do. Called again, managed a new pointless conversation with a fella, and waited for endless time. I leaned againts the wall and kinda fell into some half-asleep state.

Then, he touched my shoulder. “Do you want some?” — He asked. It smelled like chips, fresh, hot. I looked up. It was some strange looking man around the age of 50. Skinny, bad dressed, smiling. I took some. God, how good it felt. He just leaned against the wall a few steps from me and waited. After some time, he asked me how I am doing, and we got into a little chatting. When I admitted, that I am not completely happily standing on the street in the freezing cold, he offered to call the cab for me again. I couldn’t be more grateful.

It turned out the taxi’s not coming at all. He had some other number with tough and instantly called it for me. The only problem was, that the new one needed more than 30 minutes also, to reach there. Here, he got really anxious and shy. Half mumbling he finally said, that he is actually living near. “I don’t want anything, you know. I don’t want you to misunderstand me. I am a nice guy.” He was. I was going to his place, he gave me water and made me sit down. On something like a bed. There were trashlike things all around in the tiny room. He started to tell me stories.

“One winter, I had no place to stay, you know. I was kind of, let’s say, homeless. But I knew, there is a house in the village, that is empty. It actually belonged to the local government. So I went there, and asked if I could stay there, only for the winter. I could pay for the heating and everyhing, only needed a place you know. First they just said no. Then I kept going back, and they said they will look after it. Still nothing happened. I figured my way for that winter at the end, but not with their help. Then, one day, in the middle of the spring a woman called me. She informed me that I could move in into that house. Now! Haha. I said: “I am sorry, you probably wanted to talk to my friend. I have his phone now. He froze to death.” And hung up!”

The way he was talking, I knew he told the truth. Also, with his performing skills — that lady has to live with guilt forever. We were laughing. I had to. Such a genius evil prank!

My cab arrived. On the way to it, he told me, women do not like him. He is too much holding onto those medival chivalry values — “you know”. He gave me his card and I sat in the car. Cute, Word designed, home printed card.

I never wrote him or called him.