Herpes Signs and Symptoms

If you suspect you may have herpes, you need to get a definitive diagnosis. An online herpes test gives you the chance to determine if you have this virus without having to head to the doctor for an awkward and embarrassing exam. However, how can you know when you actually need to take a test because you might have herpes? It helps to understand what exactly herpes is and what the signs and symptoms are.

What Exactly is Herpes?

Herpes is a virus with eight different unique strains. Many people think of genital herpes when they hear the word, but genital herpes is actually just one of many types of a versatile virus. The herpes virus that can hit the genital reason can also cause conditions like shingles and even simple cold sores.

The type of herpes that causes cold sores or fever sores is called HSV 1 herpes. The sores from HSV 1 herpes show up on the face, including on the lips, nose, and chin. Usually, this virus is contracted in childhood (it’s not always sexually transmitted so don’t worry if your kids get it!) and is pretty minor… sometimes to the point where you don’t even know you have it.

HSV 1 herpes can be spread through oral-to-oral contact or skin-to-skin contact. Around 56 percent of the population actually has HSV 1 herpes. If you have it and are symptomatic, you will know because of the clusters of sores on the face that spring up at random times.

HSV 2 herpes, on the other hand, is the kind of herpes that affects the genitals. You can get this from oral / genital contact or from genital to genital contact with a partner who has the virus. Unfortunately, condoms won’t necessarily protect you from contracting the virus!

HSV 2 may be asymptomatic so you may not know you have this virus either. If you do show symptoms, the signs of genital herpes could take the form of small bumps, ulcers, itching and pain, and scabs. You can spread the condition even if you do not have these visible signs though, so you need to be careful and get tested if you think you may have herpes.

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms

If you have genital herpes, the symptoms will typically show up in stages rather than all at once. You’ll likely experience some itching and mild tingling when an outbreak is about to happen. Over the new few days, blisters will spring up. They may start out red, but can fill with liquid and become yellowish when they do. The sores will eventually burst open, and the blisters will then heal.

Recurrent outbreaks can happen often once you’re initially exposed to the virus. However, after your first initial experience with genital herpes, the recurrences are usually less severe and don’t last as long. Antiviral treatment taken early when you first notice symptoms can also stop the recurrence in its tracks.

Same Day Herpes Testing

If you’ve noticed any of these signs and symptoms of Herpes, you are probably pretty worried right now. There’s no need to be. Herpes is manageable and treatable, but you need to know you have it so you can take action.

Same day herpes testing gives you the chance to get fast answers so you’ll be able to find out the truth and move forward. Get your online herpes test today so you’ll have a definite answer and can stop wondering if those signs you are seeing really are herpes after all.

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