If we wanted to know which candidate was “most electable” in the swing states, we should have asked the swing state voters to vote first.

The swing states should be prioritized on the primary calendar.

This is better for voters. The voters who are most likely to determine the election get to have their say…

Near the end of 2018, I decided I wanted more depth out of life. More books, fewer updates. More connection, fewer “reactions.”

I also noticed Facebook was taking a toll on me through scroll-induced emotional roulette. I’m not wired to process a picture of my friend’s baby followed by a…

This has been bothering me for a while.

On the left: what the government tells me should be on my plate. On the right: what the government tells me is on my plate:

left: image from choosemyplate.gov, showing a plate divided into 4 sections: vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein. There is a glass labeled “dairy.” right: Nutrition Facts for Amy’s Lentil Vegetable Soup, showing serving size, calories, fat, cholesterol, etc.

These images have nothing to do with each other. How is someone supposed to follow the “MyPlate” dietary advice, given this nutrition information?

It is not difficult to make these match. It could be as easy as this:

Hi! A PSA for the rainbowest month:

If you are not queer, but you are:
- taking resources meant for queer people (example: queer scholarships)
- demanding our spaces are open to straight/cis people (example: “why can’t I go to the queer networking events?”)
- assuming we want to center straight/cis people in…

I believe in democracy. I believe the Democratic party can save democracy.

I’m concerned that we won’t take the chance.

Here’s what concerns me the most: The DNC Chair race has been framed as a final showdown of the primary. Who will win the soul of the party? Moderate Liberal…

My brain shortens “Alternate facts” to “alt facts.”
Then my brain automatically turns “alt facts” into “Neo-nazi propaganda.”

So here’s a small handful of alt facts the GOP has been pushing for years, that I am now going to think of explicitly as “Neo-nazi propaganda” rather than the more long-winded, “racist, sexist lies to benefit corporations and maintain state control.”

  • Voter fraud is a pervasive, real problem that needs to be stopped.
  • Climate change isn’t.
  • Police never escalate conflict.
  • Abstinence only education works to stop STIs and pregnancy.
  • Immigration is currently an increasing problem and leads to more crime.
  • The poor are simply not working hard enough, and our relief programs just enable them to lay around.

Rather than continuing to rely on 538’s pre-loaded data here, I matched it to a Quinnipiac poll from 10/19. Here’s what I’ve got:

This is good news.

A big thank you to Ariel Stulberg who fact checked & suggested another data source.

Ste Kinney-Fields

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