One of Roblox’s largest initiatives in the recent past has been to increase the retention of older users. Many users are lost simply through aging up; the Roblox platform doesn’t cater to the interests of an older audience.

What causes this? Well, search and discovery, restrictive rules on games, parental controls and the reputation of Roblox as a kids’ platform are all key factors in driving older users away. However, according to recent data from RTrack, this may be changing.

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Source: rtrack.live

In the past five months, the percentage of Roblox accounts which were active has been increasing month on month. …

This article isn’t going to be very long, but I thought it might be interesting to share why you have to be very careful while developing anti-exploits, and despite the testing you might put it under, things can still go wrong. Always think about everything, and then think about it again. Think about every possibility because these things will happen.

How my detection worked

I was wanting to detect a popular exploit known as Dex, which allows you to view the hierarchy of the objects in the game, in exactly the same way as you do in the Explorer panel in Roblox Studio. …

Before I start, I just want to let everyone know that I’ve sent the code used and videos of this working to the relevant people, who have, in turn, got in contact with the developers of the Halloween event. I did this in November, 2 months ago, and so I feel that enough time has passed for it to be acceptable for me to share these vulnerabilities, how I found them, and how to avoid them in your own games.

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DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT CONDONE EXPLOITING IN ANY WAY, THIS ARTICLE IS STRICTLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, AND I’VE LEFT OUT AS MUCH SPECIFIC DETAIL AS I CAN TO REDUCE THE CHANCES OF SOMEONE TAKING INSPIRATION FROM THIS ARTICLE. I have also not checked to make sure that these have been patched, but hopefully this article prompts their patching. (The game has very few players anyway, so it’s not going to destroy the play experience of thousands if these exploits somehow were released)

I also just want to say that the game is incredibly well made, it looks great, plays great, and for the most part, is secured very well. …

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