Stealth Grid’s Technology Center in India will offer a wealth of functionalities that will allow Stealth Grid Ltd. to more easily develop, deploy and launch products & services to the market quickly including StealthCrypto® technology.

StealthCrypto® and SG India technology center is located at Bangalore, India. The Stealth Grid INDIA will be comprised of 3 key capability areas & Teams that would be dedicated across each capability — and with each capability supported by its own “Center of Excellence” or CoE:

  • Stealth Grid® CoE — The SG India Tech Center will support SG’s current & existing business through the “Run the Business” program that would be essentially supporting SG for all things relating to, blockchain, cybers security, IT & Tech. The Team in INDIA will oversee digital platforms that will enhance services by SG, across its various locations globally.
  • StealthCrypto INDIA Tech Center for Quantum Mesh Network Eco-system CoE — The Mobile Phone and Devices COE will essentially stay focused on the StealthCrypto Phone and ground mesh network, including design, build, development with ODM Partners — as well as developing the DAPPs & blockchain eco-system.
  • Space Tech & QSAT CoE — The Space Tech & QSAT CoE will focus on the ongoing Space program, as well as the immediate/ future planned space tech initiatives. Working with specialized Partners, and thereby creating a QSAT/ SG unique blockchain eco-system. The CoE’s services would support the QSAT® blockchain satellite constellation for it communications platforms, IoT, M2M, Fata Storage, orbital mesh network,launches, including the space monitoring devices and external interfaces, and manufacturing of CubeSats, Qubit Antennas, Qubit Wifi.
  • QSAT-Ground Communication Centers — Ground-based Wi-Fi Earth Stations that also function as Community Wi-Fi stations, called “QCubes”. QCube Stations would also house Micro-weather stations, Surveillance cameras and Solar-street lighting control systems.
  • New Space Technology — Including design & development, verification & validation, testing & validations, and sustenance & support, backed by the strong R&D.
  • Best Practices for Space Tech — Study the best practices (such as the NASA & EADS models) and evolve SG specific practices that would be an integral part of Space Tech initiatives that would be supported by SG India.

Our New Team Leaders

Krish Srikant President SG India

Krish has 20 years of working on business solutions and strategy for technology ventures, with large enterprises and startups. He also developed corporate ventures and successfully run P&Ls for businesses in Asia & N. America. His experience includes consulting in Design, IoT, Healthcare and Manufacturing. He has worked on enabling the Digital enterprise with TCS, Philips and several start-ups for Innosight Ventures, a VC firm. He currently heads Business Ops and leads Partnerships and Customer strategy.

Anuradha Biswas COO SG India

Anu has over 23 years of experience in organization building, service portfolio creation, business planning, building technology centers of excellence, enabling the sales force, skills development etc. She was part of the core team that was responsible for setting up independent software testing businesses at Computer Associates TCG, Aztecsoft (now Mindtree) and Infosys. Prior to setting up Prakat she was Associate Vice President of the Independent Validation Solutions group at Infosys which she had established and grew to 8000 people over 8 years and USD 300+ Million in revenues.

Abhik Biswas — CTO SG India

Abhik is a Technology Specialist with more than 25 years of experience managing product and service lines at multinational corporations and startups. Special interests include Technology Management, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Open Source Technologies, Web Application Development and Legacy Systems. Abhik also specializes in Developing Labs for Compliance, Systems Engineering and IT Infra development. He has holistic product development experience w.r.t communications tech, networking, data centers and IT infrastructure.

Our new operations has over 80 people working in Bangalore, India. We look for amazing things with our other teams in the Philippines, Bulgaria, Germany, Panama, and Gibraltar.