EthBooks a great idea of electronic books on cryptocurrencies

Many of us have been looking for books about the cryptocurrency. But how many have you found? Today, the topic of crypto currency is constantly emerging in the business community, which means that soon everyone will be talking about it. Many of our ideas we draw in books, not only about business, but also in books about blockchain.

EthBooks is an ebook store focused on cryptocurrency topics. Publishers are able to upload their work for free in appropriate sections of the store.

Buyers on the other hand can search, review and purchase ebooks related to their subjects of interest.

The EthBooks store will be a one-stop shop for people looking for sufficient, detailed and quality information on various cryptocurrencies.

EthBooks is targeting a sizeable market share in every country. With the growing interest in cryptocurrency, the sale of ebooks on EthBooks is bound to explode as more people search for quality information under one roof.

EthBook’s aim is to connect new entrants with the legends.

In the near future, EthBooks plans to present its own portable EthReader that will deliver the best reading experience.

The functions the EthBooks team works on include:

1. Search engine. This will make it easier for a customer to find an ebook based on title, ISBN, series, author or keyword.

2. Best sellers section. The best performing crypto ebooks based on sales

3. Top rated section. These might not necessarily be best sellers but have got rave reviews.

4. Editor’s Picks. Every day senior editor of EthBooks will pick three quality ebooks that will appear at the top of the store for maximum exposure.

5. New Crypto eBooks. These will be the newest ebooks published on EthBooks. They must be focused on cryptocurrency topics.

6. Popular categories. These are the most browsed categories on EthBooks.

7. Two Factor Authentication. EthBooks is also implementing mobile and email based 2 factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to accounts.

8. DDos Mitigation. Adding DDoS protection with cloud based services is a top priority to keep the platform running with zero interruptions.

9. SSL Implementation. Ensuring traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (https). Secure Sockets Layer is used to secure the data transmitted over the internet between your computer and the destination servers. With an SSL certificate, any information that is transmitted becomes encrypted by inserting random characters into the original message making it unreadable to everyone except the intended server. This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to steal your information.

10. Passwords. Making sure passwords are stored in hash form as an extra layer of security.

11. PGP Encryption. Implementing pgp encryption to EBK wallets. This will ensure the safety of EBK tokens stored on EthBooks.

12. EthBooks Forum. Adding a forum for the EthBooks community to discuss various issues pertaining to cryptocurrency.

13. Freebies. Free e-books section.

14. EthSquad Implementing. EthBooks’ in-house anti-piracy technology.

The platform uses blockchain technology and a personalized token (EBK) based on Ethereum’s smart contract eco-system for transactions on EthBooks.

The store will be web based as well as app based. The app will soon be freely available on Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Store.

The sale of EBK markers was started on September 18 and ends on October 20 or when a hard cover of 42 500 ETH is reached.

The crowdsale currency will be Ethereum. During the crowdsale, you will receive 2000 EBK for every 1 ETH you contribute.

A maximum of 100,000,000 EBK tokens will ever be in existence.

85,000,000 EBK tokens will be sold during the crowdsale.

10,000,000 of those will be kept as reserve.

5,000,000 EBK will be set aside for the bounty program, advisors and supporters.

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