LockChain- Booking ecosystem


A decentralized source of booking ecosystem. Bookings are done for hotel rooms, accommodation and private properties. It is helpful in tourism marketplace. As in this new era everything is done using technology and internet. LockChain provides a user friendly marketplace for the tourists to book hotels and accommodation online which prevent them from fraudulent agents. This is commission free ecosystem. LockChain have agreement with travel industry worldwide which provide the accommodation to the customer but the booking is via LockChain with 0% commission.


LockChain uses LOC ledger engine for all the transaction and interaction between property dealer and customers. It integrates all the industry hosts which provides about 7000 properties. All the contracts deployed in the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The transactions and records of all the contracts saved in LOC ledger. Token used for this transaction is LOC token. Applications that are ought to be connected with engine can also be done with additional payment method. But this have to be converted into LOC at the time of booking. Internal algorithm is available for this conversion of currencies. It is planned to build LOC ledger with the LockChain.co.


This blockchain has no intermediate medium of communication between the customer and accommodation provider. They interact directly. But the accommodation providers cannot get extra commission which they might demand when customer interact without using this blockchain. The advantages of buying LOC token is that customer will get the access to decentralized technology which is user-friendly and public as well. This access to LockChain.com marketplace will be implemented with LOC booking ledger immediately as well.

With this ecosystem customer is accessible to booking, get booking confirmation, check-in requirements, up-grade possibility, deposit requirement, deposit refunding upon check-out, dispute terms, manage disputed procedure, to do deposit witholding and the requirement for user history and rating about the property provider.

Categories of accommodation service:

1: The Price of the accommodation for the customer

2: Desired speed reliability and user-friendliness of the provided service

3: The quality and the size of the database. (You will get many options to choose for your desired search; multiple opportunities)

4: The customer support. This database does not belong to anyone and is decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) so no one can shut it down on his/her will.

There is no risk of losing your investment. So the risk is reduced to almost zero.

Booking method:

First of all customer browse for the best property via web or mobile apps. And once customer chooses the property he/she can contact with hotel owner using LOC ledger and do transcatins. Booking is not done immediately. It might take up to 24 hours or more to confirm by the accommodation provider. And payment is also done within 24+ hours. In case of any issue customer is are contacted with an urgent request to provide another payment mean. Thanks to blockchain technology which make it possible.

System architecture have following layers:

1 User layer: this is the user interface which includes web and mobile apps.

2 Centralized Backend Layer: record database of decentralized LOC Ledger.

3 Decentralized Blockchain Layer: this layer keeps address of all blockchain using Ethereum VM and LockChain.

lockChain have been addressed the problem that is existing for many years and all the unexpected charges are gone. For more insight about the project please visit LockChain whitepaper