Men, we don’t know how to dress.

We’re either okay with wearing whatever is clean or trying new things that don’t work (we all know that fedora guy). Most of us think it’s okay because our guy friends don’t know any better, and our girlfriends? Well, unless we have a special “I’ll tell you how you’re screwing up as a guy” relationship, even our best female companions won’t want to hurt our feelings and tell us that our jeans are too tight or shirts are too loose. So without a lot of good and corrective wardrobe advice, we’re flying blind and don’t often realize how badly we’re hurting ourselves. As Seneca, the Stoic philosopher, once said,

“If a [person] knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.”

I’m sure we’ve wondered why that girl blew us off at the bar. One reason might be that we don’t have good game, which is a genuine possibility, but let’s take a step back and start somewhere even more basic. Look at what you’re wearing. Your shirt is one size too large, your pants are stained with ketchup, and, oh God, you’re wearing Skechers.

So the question is, how do we actually learn how to dress well?

For one thing, we won’t learn from male fashion magazines. The men in GQ can dress like that because they’re men in GQ. When the rest of us wear cargo joggers and oversized boots, it makes us look like that guy who sees things in GQ and thinks he can pull it off.

So the answer is pretty simple, if we want to dress and look more attractive, we should ask the people who can actually steer us in the right direction: women. This seems intuitive but it can be intimidating for a lot of guys to ask their best girl friends for fashion advice even though it could help them in both dating and business.

It’s like this: If you have any experience in business, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say target audience. Your target audience is the group of people that are most likely to buy your product because something about this cohort, whether it’s a problem they have or a demographic they fall into, makes your product appealing to them. Not only do you have a higher likelihood of success by connecting to your target audience, you’re also able to take your product from mediocre to best-in-market by listening to feedback from the same group of people. The same principles often apply to how you dress as men to women (Strangely enough, this dynamic is often not true for men deciding what women should wear).

If you’re the type of guy that doesn’t care about any of that or you know your own style, that’s fine and you may already be an impeccable dresser.

If you want to dress better, turning to your female companions will often be your best resource. Ask for brutally honest feedback and be clear that you won’t be offended by what they have to say. So to help with that, we’re building FWM to help women make men more attractive through fashion, for any occasion.

We’re still building our product, talking to as many women and men as possible, and looking for a badass female co-founder to join our team. If you or anyone you know wants to be a part of that, sign up here or shoot us an email at