Release of Stealth Mobile Feeless for iOS

We are proud to announce the release of a new version of our Stealth Mobile Wallet for iOS. This release includes feeless transactions fully executed within the iOS mobile device.

Stealth uses a unique feeless spam resistance that leverages the memory advantage of personal computing platforms like desktop workstations (Stealth Desktop Wallet) and now mobile devices (Stealth Mobile Wallet for iOS). Stealth’s feeless technology makes it prohibitively difficult to spam the Stealth network in any way that could diminish the Stealth network’s capacity, making Stealth feeless transactions fast, scalable, and the most reliable in existence.

Stealth feeless spam resistance incorporates a number of technologies unique to Stealth’s scalable consensus protocol, known as Junaeth. These technologies include Stealth’s groundbreaking asynchronous network clock, its fast block times, and its specially chosen feework hashing algorithm. Lead developer, James Stroud, discusses these technologies and their applications to Stealth feeless transactions in detail in a recent blog post titled Stealth Feeless Transactions and Powerful Spam Prevention.

The Stealth Mobile Wallet for iOS brings the most spam resistant feeless technology to mobile. Users can now send Stealth feeless transactions from the comfort of their mobile devices while enjoying the security of iOS and the confidence that their transactions will be executed within seconds by the most robust feeless network ever devised.

Download available here.

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Dr. James Stroud, PhD

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Developed to be the primary private currency.

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Developed to be the primary private currency.

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