STEAM Team at Tech Jobs Tour!

Aug 27, 2017 · 3 min read

A few weeks ago, I (Shilpa Rao, STEAM Team founder) attended Tech Jobs Tour, an organization dedicated to “[bringing] together diverse and non-traditional talent with companies who need their skills the most”. Tech Jobs Tour is a job fair — with a twist. It’s touring 50 cities over the course of 2017 and filling in 100,000 jobs with women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community.

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Above: Panelists at Tech Jobs Tour speaking about getting involved in tech and diverse technical talent. From left to right: Angie Coleman (MC), Felix Flores, Alyssa Henry, Lorena Fimbres, Nick Caldwell, Ellen Beldner

Many different leaders and inspiring figures in tech and STEM education part of a wide variety of initiatives and backgrounds attended this event to either speak, or be a mentor to the 1800 people at the event looking for a job. Some of these people included Mary Grove, director of Google for Entrepreneurs, and Megan Smith, 3rd CTO of the US under Obama and former Vice President of Google.

I spoke about STEAM Team as well, during a Q&A with Mary Grove. I was asked to explain about STEAM Team’s initiative, how it works, and discussed the problem of the Bay Area’s educational inequality with the audience.

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Megan Smith (above)

At this event, I was able to meet many different thought leaders and visionaries part of numerous initiatives to help STEM/STEAM education and bring STEM ideas to underprivileged areas to give everyone an opportunity. A few of these examples include STEMconnector and Google for Entrepreneurs. Lorena Fimbres, VP and Chief Business Development Officer for STEMconnector, is one of these examples. She spoke about STEMconnector and diversity in her field. STEMconnector is a consortium of STEM related companies and organizations. They describe themselves as “the one-stop for all things STEM”. STEMconnector is a great leader in STEM education, connecting many diverse initiatives and distanced communities together in one resource (hence the name).

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Mary Grove (above) with Shilpa Rao

Mary Grove is another one of these examples — she is the director of Google For Entrepreneurs. A truly inspiring figure, she works with startup communities in many different areas of the world, and helps build campuses for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn, create, and do, something that they are otherwise unable to access.

Tech Jobs Tour was a truly amazing event and I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend, and to meet so many amazing people! Check out their website for more information on their initiative to bring STEM job opportunities to the LGBT community and minorities.

Visit for more information about STEAM Team.

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