Charleston Walking Tours — A Unique Combination Of History, Food And Drinks

Having numerous titles of being the best city in US, Charleston remains a bundle of experiences that one needs to undertake once in a life. You can do endless food talks and click plethora of photos with your friends when you get a chance to visit Charleston, SC. This appealing destination has countless unique things to offer that are difficult to jot down in just one page. The pristine beauty of the place speaks through its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and pastel antebellum houses. Some of the people deeply in love with the city speak of it highly than most popular destinations in the world.
If you are in Charleston, you can soak yourself in the historic charm of timeless artifacts, get lost in the beauty of mystic beaches or register a lifetime experience living in ultra-exotic luxury accommodations. Having listed these things, you can still not call your trip perfect until you take yummy walks tasting eclectic local food at one of the Charleston walking tours. Charleston absolutely loves to eat and everyone is a foodie here. The local chefs create such a magic with the same ingredients that you will doubt yourself to be in a wonderland while on a food tour here. With a mix of history and geography, the local cuisine offered in these food tours in Charleston makes the place worth a visit.
Generally, the itinerary of these 2.5–4 hours long food tours consists of a glimpse into rich history, offerings of famous local food and drinks. You will be cordially hosted by several small stalls and posh bistros where the chef themselves can be found discussing their recipes and experiences with tourists. Since it’s a paradise for worldwide foodies, you are required to make reservations in advance to have a hassle-free entrance.

Major food tours that are known to be featured in famous media platforms are Upper King Street Culinary Tour, Downtown Culinary Tour, Charleston Dessert Tour, Chef’s Kitchen Tours, Mixology Tour and so on. You can go through a curated list of all the tours held year-round on online portals. Here, you can shortlist fests that feature your personal taste. You can’t miss these tours specially when you have had a quest for Charleston’s rich and diverse history.
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