So, if you’re about to post about an issue, ask yourself: am I sharing this for the people who already know? Or for the people who don’t? And proceed accordingly, especially in the comments section. Here’s a hint: preaching to the in-group is easy. Outreach is very, very hard work that keeps you honest about why the issue matters. Some people spend so much time in highly specialized filter bubbles, that they can’t even tell what a good argument for or against something looks like anymore because they have grown used to speaking in the language of agreement amplification.
SJW Behaviors That Hurt Social Justice
Sara Lynn Michener

I think about this quite regularly — the distinction between outreach and preaching to the choir. I’ll readily admit I have little to no patience for fools, and as such, have few friends left on the conservative side of the spectrum when it comes to social justice issues. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still bother to see so many of my friends on the left demonize the right without ever addressing the thinking that has gone into the position on the opposite side of the aisle. This is especially true as one of current writing jobs is writing for an “alternative news” site with an “organic lifestyle” focus…trying to keep a balance of perspectives in your mind — even if those perspectives are not ones that you share — is difficult.

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