Udacity: the answer to your need for online training

This is me when I still hadn’t found the answer to my problem

Hello guys. Today I will tell you how I solved my training problem and my limited time available because of my work.

Follow me and tell me if you have ever had a situation similar to mine.

I work a lot, I arrive in the evening when I am exhausted and I hardly find the time to be able to take courses in the classroom. However, this situation cannot stop me and I cannot lag behind with the times.

A person like me, when he understood that he did not learn

Even in the past I had looked for something like this, but after some tests of online platforms, something was always missing and I was disappointed; it seemed to me that I was learning, but then when putting the acquired knowledge into practice, there was always something missing.

I rolled up my sleeves and off I went again. So I started looking around the net for the course I was looking for. This time I can tell you that I really did “Bingo!” After a very short time I managed to find the answer to all my needs:

- follow the course I wanted

- have good content quality

- that it was available when my time allows me to study

- to verify what I learn

- who provides me with a certification at the end of the course

Here is the solution to every training problem

The answer is Udacity. I advise you to go and visit it, you will not be disappointed. Lots of courses, lots of material and above all very well structured and divided by clear and specific sections. Last but not least, the courses are extremely effective: digital marketing, artificial intelligence, data science and many many other courses that now … I have returned a great desire to study because I believe that the platform, if well built, will lead you to want learn even more than you need.




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Stefano Castellari

Stefano Castellari

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