Building a REST API with Phoenix and Elixir

is this possible to use to use repo this way? Actually copy pasting your code

produce this:

** (Mix) Could not start application apiexample: ApiExample.start(:normal, []) returned an error: shutdown: failed to start child: ApiExample.Repo
 ** (EXIT) an exception was raised:
 ** (UndefinedFunctionError) function ApiExample.Repo.start_link/0 is undefined or private
 (apiexample) ApiExample.Repo.start_link()
 (stdlib) supervisor.erl:365: :supervisor.do_start_child/2
 (stdlib) supervisor.erl:348: :supervisor.start_children/3
 (stdlib) supervisor.erl:314: :supervisor.init_children/2
 (stdlib) gen_server.erl:365: :gen_server.init_it/2
 (stdlib) gen_server.erl:333: :gen_server.init_it/6
 (stdlib) proc_lib.erl:247: :proc_lib.init_p_do_apply/3

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