Leather Belts and Their Importance

If you are someone who wears belts on a regular basis, then you must be realizing how important it is. Belts are not just another piece of accessory to accentuate the clothing, they are necessities which keep your clothes in place and provide you with comfort and security. These days with pants becoming a staple with women, the female gender too cannot do without belts. If you wish to invest in a good belt, be sure to buy something which is made out of leather. Genuine leather belts are classics, they never really go out of fashion, they look nice and last you a very long time.

How the leather belts made?

Though there are a number of procedures which go into leather belt making, they are mostly made of full grain cowhide. While other animal hide can also be used to make leather belts, cowhide is considered to be the best when it comes to leather belt making.

· First of all the leather goes into the tannery and goes through processes such as bleaching, de-hairing, splitting degreasing, etc.

· Next is the tanning process where natural leather is cured with many chemical processes to make sure that it does not rot any further.

· The final step is known as crusting, where the leather gets its shape, color, etc. It is softened, colored, thinned and lubricated after which they are ready to be carved out.

· Once the leather is ready to be designed procedures like measuring, cutting, stitching, finishing, etc follow through.

· Then the belts are stamped and punched becoming leather belt blanks. Leather belt blanks are then accessorized by buckles and other embellishments before they hit the market for sale.

The modern belt

Over the years belts have become a really important accessory not only for men, but for women as well. These days they are worn by children too, just to make a fashion statement. Celebrities have time and again dawn statement belts on the red carpet, thus making them really popular with people of all ages. From becoming a clothing necessity to becoming a fashion accessory, the belt has come a very long way.

Making leather belts at home

There are so many people who have a natural talent of making leather craft. Since leather accessory prices are touching the sky, people are turning towards making their own leather accessories. If you are able to get hold of the right supplies as well as the tools, you can definitely hone your skills and may be starting up a small business as well. The more your prowess by making leather accessories increases, the better the finish will you is able to provide. The right tools will help you in achieving that finesse. You can market your goods on social media and get hold of a clientele who can spread the word for you. If you organize properly, you will be able to set up a successful running business over time.

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