Ways to Repair, Leather Upholstery

Leather upholstery is used in different forms, from leather couches to automobile seats. Leather is a material that offers a certain style and glamor to a home as well as an automobile. It is chosen as the material of choice as it is a durable material for upholstery covers. However, there might occur instances when the leather upholstery might get torn or worn with age. In case of leather seats in an automobile, as one keeps getting in and out, the material gets scuffed. There might occur small tears. If these are not attended to then they will become big, ugly tears that will need the seats or sofa covers to be replaced completely.

How to address small tears?

There are leather working tools that are used in leather factories. However, for addressing small tears in upholstery covers it is sufficient to stitch up the tear with needle and thread. If the upholstery cover can be removed, it is best to take it off the seat and then repair the same. It is important to choose the thread of the same shade as the upholstery among leather working tools. It is easy to make up the tear or scuffed area when it is small by hand stitching.

Tools to use

Usually leather used for upholstery covers is thick. The ordinary needles that are used for fabric, stitching might not work on thick leather. The fiber you use for ordinary stitches will also not work with leather. When you opt for tools from Chicago screws suppliers you need to obtain special thick needles as well as thick twine for stitching leather. It is best to protect your finger with a thimble when you opt to stitch leather.

Repair kits

There are repair kits available for repairing leather upholstery. Some are specific to car models while others focus on the shade as well as the color of the leather upholstery that you wish to repair. You could source these kits from Chicago screws suppliers. These kits contain all necessary materials to fix tears, scratches and burns in leather. If the tear is large you could opt to use a leather patch. This is beneficial as the material will stretch as well and prevent the tear from spreading or becoming big. You need to get a patch that is similar to the seat color or the sofa cover color.

Calling in the experts

In case you are unable to get the fix done by yourself, you can call in repair experts. Many local upholstery makers will be able to get the torn parts fixed or stitched in ways that the original scuffed or torn portion is not visible any more. If your main living room sofa cover has developed a tear, it would be best to get it fixed by a professional. Many upholstery makers can be found through online directories these days.

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