Email Marketing — Why You need it?

This blog was originally posted on STE DB.

Ever since the web took over every aspect of business, marketing through it became an essential tool for survival. Traditional marketing has become nearly extinct. This is where email marketing took its rise. It is still the most efficient and cost effective marketing technique. By targeting specific clients and remaining budget friendly as well as being easily calculable over its return on investment.

Low Cost

Email marketing is the cheapest tool marketers can use, with the highest number of return on investment. By sending bulk emails, potential clients can be triggered to successfully finish a purchase. According to research at minimum budget this is the best tool to use to get the company’s message across, and ensure maximum return on investment.

Personalized targeting

Through emailing you no longer spend more than needed. Emails are targeted directly to influence customers having specified preferences and on the same segment. The emails can be tailored to adjust their buying behavior and what triggers this particular portion of the cliental. Unlike social media, through email marketing you know exactly who you clients are and how to successfully target them individually and by sending bulk email.

Easy to create

This marketing tool does not require an entire team of designers and SEO experts to get the message across, you can make it yourself with the tools available on the STE DB platform as well. It can either be animated or just simple plain text, reminding users of the company and the products available.

Email marketing is still the most effective marketing tool, at many fronts, particularly when it comes to budget constraints and a well segmented market. It is a great tool to remind customers of the products available and why they should conduct the purchase of the product that they had last seen on the company website.

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