The first Impression is what sells: Subject lines for Email Marketing.

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The entire concept of marketing is changing very quickly, and so are the tools used to market goods. Mass marketing has already almost entirely shifted online. YouTube has more viewership than most TV channels. Targeted marketing is being done through mass emails specifically made to target and appeal to the audience for which it is intended. According to research the number of Gmail subscribers will rise up to three million by the year 2020, that’s nearly half of the world population.

The key to any advert used, is to make it attractive and convincing enough for the targeted audience to conduct a purchase. Same goes to email marketing, it is going to surface higher in the on-coming future but how do you insure if your strategy is actually working.

Short Subject lines

Subject lines are what intrigue a potential customer to open the email. If the subject line is too long the targeted individual however interested he or she might be in the product will not go through it. People do not have time to go through long detailed subject lines. Keep yours short, to the point and appealing.

Remember if your subject line fails, the entire effort to segment and then make the email has been all a waste.


Personalize your emails by targeting individuals using their name. Nothing is more eye catching in a jungle of emails, where the name of the individual targeted is used. It will immediately target the potential client to open the email, go through it and show interest or perhaps even lead to a sale.


The worst thing you can do is stop the flow of communication with your targeted audience. No one wants to know what a computer or a robot wants to offer. Make it personified by using an actual email address with a name on it.

For instance emails that go like, no have a very low chance of being read, and not thrown into junk or spam. Comparatively emails with a name like, stand out a better chance of being open and read.

Stay Consistent

While writing the subject line, don’t lead on potential clients by giving them false expectations with regards to the content of the emails. Keep the email and the subject line, interesting while remembering to stick to the point and not creating false expectations.

Scrutinize your mailing list

Keep your email list up to date, you do not want a lawsuit by continuing to send emails to people who have opted out of the service. Also don’t waste resources on clients that are not interested at all in the products or the company.

The element of Surprise

By giving off everything on the subject line, the reason for sending a newsletter or an offering to the segmented market sort of diminishes. The whole point of writing a subject line is to lure them in and have them consider going through the email, probably even leading to a positive response.

Keep these pointers in mind and you will notice a difference in the effectiveness of your email campaigns, next time around.

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