Writing an Email: Revival

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Mailing clients has been a major business driver for many corporations in the past, but it has also resulted in their downfall by getting reduced viewership, leading to lesser sales, and eventually a greater loss for them. There are many ways to revive a dying marketing strategy. Here are some pointers on how to revive an email marketing campaign.

Understand the market

A good understanding of your target market can take you a long way. Understand their needs and wants, their perception of your company as well as what attracts and motivates them to buy a product. It could either be lower prices, better incentives, or a well-structured 360 degree marketing campaign.

Catchy graphics

The best way to sell is by looking good, email marketing is just like any other tool marketers use to their advantage. Just like any other asset, this method also needs to have a proper plan of execution, a strategy and a good understanding of the target market. Marketers are usually advised to personalize this particular tool. As it can directly incentives a potential client to perform the sale.


The email needs to have eye catching graphics, but also remain relevant and comprehensible by the targeted individuals, too much jumbled up together can also lead away customers. Resulting in the loss of clientele. The whole purpose of mass email marketing should be to maintain an interest and keep the targeted audience hooked on, anxious and awaiting to hear more from the company. All of that is only possible when there is an allure and an appeal.

Add Videos

Actions speak bigger than words, implement this concept and free your viewers form having to read a long list of facts and benefits. A short infomercial can do a much better job than a hundred word email.

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