Improving sales with buyer empathy

I recently embarked on a Buyer’s Journey to find a marketing agency to help grow our company, Retriever.

After two years of pitching and selling, I found myself on the other side: as a buyer of a similarly complex, expensive, and strategic service — needing to make an immensely important purchasing decision.

This experience has helped me build empathy for “the buyer”: what goes through their heads as they do their diligence to survey the market of outsourced sales development services, to find the one that’s best for their business. Being the buyer is hard!

I wanted to share this insight with other sales leaders, so that you too can empathize with your buyer — better understand their psychology, and win more deals. …

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Rules-based policymaking allows us to find common ground

In my Vulcan-esque political fantasy, we use rules-based public policy in place of many of our fixed policies.

The reason is: it’s easier to agree on ideal states of the world than it is to agree on how to get there. And when we miss this crucial step, and jump straight to policy positions, we lose the opportunity to find common ground.

Rules-based policy in practice: monetary policy

One of the most prominent examples of rules-based public policy today is monetary policy. The Federal Reserve sets monetary policy via their choice of the interest rate. (This conversation glosses over a ton of nuance. …


Stedman Blake Hood

Operator, YC Alum, Extrovert

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