Deforestation is not something that began in recent times, it has been around for an extensive period, and it remains today. In the late 1960’s, Brazil began to rapidly destroy the Amazon rainforest by cutting and burning down the trees. Since the process of deforestation began, the amount of land that has been destroyed in the Amazon resembles the size of the European country of France. The country of Brazil has been in total fault for the destruction that has occurred, and is still occurring, in the amazonian rainforest today. One of the primary causes of deforestation was the Brazilian government’s plan of the 1960’s to build Brasilia, which resulted in the destruction of a large amount of land. Creating this city meant the people living in the Brasilia ultimately needed a means of attaining food and protection, leading the inhabitants of the city to destroy even more land in order to attain these materials and natural resources they so desperately craved. The need for resources lead the Brazilian citizens to cut and burn trees down for soy beans and, more importantly, cattle. Brazilians also needed a location for their junta (military dictatorship),which ultimately only lasted around 20 years.

There are many reasons as to why the Amazon rainforest continues to suffer from deforestation at such quick rates; these reasons include corruption, lack of an establishment of laws, and land fraud. It has been said that the main cause for the cutting and burning of the trees has been for the establishment of cattle ranches that will eventually be used for the production food(beef). “I don’t like to look at the Amazon forest as something that could be gone in 30 or 40 years,” says Rita Mesquita, a senior researcher with Brazil’s National Institute for Research in the is extremely sad to note that the fast rate at which the forest is being cut down and burned, one third of the world’s largest rainforest could be destroyed in a measly 30 to 40 years, interestlingly enough, that fear would not be the only concern surrounding the rainforest.

Research states that if deforestation continues and it were to completely destroy the Amazon, an impactful total of 120 billion tons of carbon dioxide would be released into the atmosphere. Not only that, but the Amazon contributes to about half of the total rainfall in the world. Trillions of tons of water is transpired by the trees in the Amazon into the atmosphere but without the trees rainfall decrease.