Blog Post 8

Ever since the increase of deforestation the debate on wether or not the forest and it’s inhabitants is more important than agricultural business began to rise. Who’s to say one is more important than the other?

Supporters against deforestation argue that the forest and its’ inhabitants such as plants and animals are worth much more than the agricultural business because there is no need to use the rainforest for plantation sites if after a couple of successful years of good crops the soil is then unable to harvest yet another season of crops. Forest clearers clear the rainforest by using the slash and burn method, but using this method releases nutrients that were once locked up in vegetation in the Amazon.After Soon after the rainforest is cleared, the area is planted and after a few years of crop growth the land becomes depleted from its nutrients. There is NO point of using the rainforest as a crop plantation site if it won’t last for long period of time.

Fertilizers are used to make soil gain the nutrients it lacks but causes more problems. Fertilizers create more problems because after applying fertilizers to the soil and watering the area, the fertilizers tend to end up in local waterways affecting the aquatic life and even local people who may use streams as a water source. Destroying the tropical rainforest is bringing us more problems then what we started with and it’s not even worth it.

Another argument supporters against deforestation use to argue that the forest and its’ inhabitants such as plants and animals are worth more than the agricultural business is that medicine is derived from the rain forest. 70% of the plants identified with anti-cancer are found ONLY in the rainforest. However, only 10% of the plants in the tropical rainforest have actually been studied. As of now about 100 clinics in the U.S are conducting research on plants from the tropical rainforest. Researchers tend to concentrate on close relatives of plants already known to work because of the vast variety of plant species.

Testing wether the plant is in fact effective or not is a rigorous procedure. It must go through clinical trials and safety trials before finally getting approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). In spite all these promises of future medicine deforestation continues to happen and as deforestation increases and plant/animal extinction keeps occurring there will be less plants/animals to study.

Supporters pro-deforestation don’t see that deforestation is creating more problems than what we started with. All they see is profit. If we actually preserved the rainforest then we’d save the plants, animals, waterways, restore rainfall patterns and weather as well but ultimately help the people. To preserve or not to perserve the rainforest should not even be a question. Preserve the rainforest because without it there will be total chaos.